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Moritz Bolte

Frank Welzel

Moritz worked for several international freight forwarding companies (e.g. DHL, hellmann) for more than 12 years. He is a specialist for all topics related to seafreight export and human ressources. After his studies at the DAV – Deutsche Außenhandels- & Verkehrsakademie from 2008-2011 he started to run a small company for coaching and trainings besides his forwarding career. He is very interested in everything related to employee development and new trends in the logistics industry. In 2018 he decided to quit his job as a department leader and become an entrepreneur to follow his passion for people.

Experience & Skills:

  • Workflow-Analysis and Optimization
  • Management-Coachings
  • Employee Branding & Motivation
  • Trainings for Trainees
  • Academic Courses for Graduation
    • Betriebswirt
    • Fachwirt
    • AEVO
  • Speaking- & Motivation-Events