Welcome to Log-Cons

Log-Cons® is a registered trademark. It symbolizes the international development of Log- Cons GmbH founded in May 2005 as a neutral consultancy agency. We see ourselves as a consultant for the maritime and air transport industry and the  contract logistics. Our capacity is characterized by a network of consultants, whose members have extensive experience in various business areas of logistics.

Log-Cons® emerging from a traditional consulting company, set the today’s focus in all matters relating to the recruitment of staff for logistics up to the business development by  building of new branches and departments. This is very often done by a recruitment of teams, but also by traditional M & A.

Our traditional focus is of course still a part of our services. These are:

  • Merger and Acquisition - Logistics Company
  • potential - and cost analysis
  • Preparation of business plans
  • Information Technology
  • Product-related, hands-on conceptions
  • Concepts of strategies for product introduction and structure
  • analysis and advice in relation to corporate structures and - reporting
  • Benchmarking
  • Implementation Management