Personnel Consulting

Beside purely business consultancy, personnel consulting in logistics has become our core business. Our customers are not only Global Players in logistics but many small and medium-sized companies.

The personnel consulting resulted from the business consultancy. We place candidates only to real vacancies. Since we set a high value on knowing all candidates in person, we are able to find the best solution, meeting the demands of both candidates and clients. Moreover, we put a lot of emphasis on personal contact to clients as well as on the integrity of vacancies.

The result is a placement rate of more than 80%.
Neutrality and confidentiality do not only form the basis of successful work but they are also realised within our principles. The personal data of each candidate is undisclosed and therefore only available for the responsible consultant.

Since 1.6.08 we are using a high professional IT searching system , which allow us a comparison of our candidate profiles with approx. 200 job profiles getting from various medias daily. Therefore we have a higher hit ratio than with other manual systems.
Our exclusiveness in personnel consulting is mainly characterised by a high degree of personal and individual support, rather than for economic reasons.

The complete satisfaction of both candidates and clients is our priority.

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